3D Services


Based on the reference material and instruction from you, we will work up a 3D outline model. This stage is mostly about getting the general design right and the main dimensions. We will send you PDF with all main views for you to review and make corrections to.


We can work out from almost whatever reference material,  the sketch on flap of paper from a creative meeting, old blue prints, any type of CAD file, AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks, Sketchup, pictures and so on.


Once we have your feedback on the initial 3D model we will revised the model accordingly and add all levels of details required.


Our service often starts with a design outline 3D model.

As reference to make this we need some input from you, this can be a picture, a drawing of any kind, a sketch made on a napkin during a creative lunch plus your desired  dimensions. Or maybe you have a dining table you would like to have a matching sideboard for, then we work out from that.

Based on this information we will work up a 3D outline model, and send you renders from all angles for your review on shape, proportions and size. This model will be in generic materials and colors.

After your review we will revise the model according to your instructions.

We will send you a PDF file with one view on each page with all main dimensions.


The functionality of the product is evaluated and any final adjustments are made. In this example, a chair, is the is the sitting comfort, back pitch, seat depth and width and so on that are in focus.


Once the fundamental design is approved, it is important materials gets determined. This information is also fundamental for other services such as Engineering, BOM, costing and others.


The final design is done it is however a design outline. Next step is engineering to specify parts and components and the joinery of the various assemblies and sub-assemblies.


After the design fundamentals are locked down, we should determine the finish and appearance the product should end up with, as many materials take a given finish differently.

The material details also enables going on with further services such as Engineering, BOM, costing and others.