3D Services

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3D Modeling

Today 3D modeling is a mature size used in many industries and businesses. The advantages it offers are many:

For some people a 2D technical drawing can be hard to read and envision, the 3D modeling makes it much easier to quickly understand and work with. Time from concept to production is reduced dramatically, photo realistic renders makes it so much faster for designers and decision makers to give feedback and approvals. The 3D models give a wealth of data for Bill Of Materials and Costing. It provides full production materials like 2D and 3D production drawings, solid files for use in CNC processing and much more.

Our service aims at providing these advantages to individuals, designers, companies and any other entity that could benefit from having this as an outsourced service.

The Early Days..

Long ago some of us were using "Fork & Knife" with parallel rulers and diamond papers to make our drawings. It was a longer process and a "Pain in the ..t" to make changes and corrections.  Then the PC's came along and with it 2D CAD software became available to many more and made life easier, we could easily make changes and we could re-use drawing elements in other drawings and it all became more productive and usable in almost any industry.

Then the PC's became more power full and the software started to gain 3D modeling capabilities.

What we do